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Do you want to improve your customer experience by also offering a KBC product or service?
Get inspiration from our solutions and improve your own sales proces with a KBC Partnership.

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Use our solutions with or without technical integration. The choice is yours:


With technical integration

Make use of our APIs or widgets and integrate our business solutions into your platform. We also offer QR codes that can be included on flyers.


Without technical integration

KBC Partner Hub is a standalone online tool that allows you to offer customers a KBC product or service during your sales process.


PSD2 : Token-update

We upgraded our token-engine used for AIS-API's, which results in a slightly larger access and refresh tokensize (from average  1.4 KB to 1.7 KB)

PSD2 Payment initiation

Initiated Payments containing all necessary information will require only 1 SCA.

PISP’s can now request all payment details, including the selected debtorAccount and debtorName, from a given payment.

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