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Why integrate Connect & Pay?

The Connect & Pay API (Application Programming Interface) payment application, gives users the chance to proceed instant payments towards their clients using their own software system.

Additionally, the reporting application allows users to access account information in real-time. Follow-up on outstanding balances can be done in a much more efficient way. Reconciliation of incoming payments on KBC-accounts can be accelerated and automated.

Benefits of Connect & Pay:

  • enhance treasury management with real-time view on incoming and outgoing payments and balances in the KBC-accounts;
  • optimize working capital;
  • efficient invoice management because of the real-time account information;
  • faster delivery by reconciling the incoming payments on the KBC-accounts directly with the internal production and delivery processes.

Users of Connect & Pay do not need a license under PSD2.
For further information, visit our product page or contact your relationship manager.

Who can benefit from this?

Companies that:

  • are active in Belgium & the WE branches (excl. UK);
  • send many SCT payments;
  • focus on innovation and automation;
  • have sufficient in-house ICT knowledge;
  • want to pay their counterparties faster;
  • are interested in real-time treasury;
  • have a business case for initiating instant payments and want to send those payments to KBC in an automated way;
  • have internally efficient business processes and controls on outgoing payments.

How does it work?

Connect & Pay Payment API allows KBC/CBC customers to automatically generate instant payments in their own software environment.

Via the Connect & Pay Reporting API, a KBC/CBC client will receive account information, a real-time overview of the balances, incoming and outgoing transactions or EOD account statements (CAMT) in his ERP, accounting package, TMS, ... This for all your KBC/CBC accounts, within the requested time window.


Connect & Pay - Payments API


  1. Business clients can initiate a single instant payment on their own account (as account holder) without a manual intervention of a natural person (f.e. for signing the transaction).
  2. His payment will be processed as-fast-as-possible: instant by default or a normal SEPA credit transfer (SCT) if an instant payment is not possible.
  3. The business client receive feedback on how this payment has been processed (instant or SCT).

Details of the integration


    Connect & Pay - Reporting API
    1. The business client will be able to call this API and per call the business client will be able to initiate one of the 3 following requests:
      • real-time balance;
      • booked transactions in a specified timeframe;
      • end of day information.
    2. Based on a call the business clients can automatically import real-time account information from the KBC backend into their own application, ERP, TMS, accounting package,…
    3. KBC sends a response with the requested information directly.

    Details of the integration




      Payment application

      • One-time set-up fee
      • Fee based on volume of transactions

      Reporting application

      • One-time set-up fee
      • Fee based on volume of reporting calls

      End of day reporting

      • One-time set-up fee
      • Fixed monthly fee

      Type of contract

      Contract needs to be signed before entering in a business relationship.

      Partnership requirements

      This API will be available for own accounts of business clients within a business client-KBC bank/CBC 

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