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What is ASPSP?

Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs) are all financial institutions that offer payment accounts with online access (internet banking).  Under PSD2, they are required to open up an interface to allow authorised and registered third parties to access account information and initiate payments. Some examples of ASPSPs are banks, building societies and credit unions.

How can I gain credit mediator status?

Credit mediators are self-employed individuals or businesses that offer consumers credit facilities on the credit provider’s behalf as part of their own business activities. To become a credit mediator, you need to apply to the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) by using its online app. KBC supports you in this process. More information on the credit mediator application process and app is available on the FSMA website in Dutch and French.

What does ERP refer to?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of business software that typically consists of several related systems. It collects, stores and manages data regarding day-to-day business operations. This typically includes back office systems, such as procurement, inventory, product lifecycle, marketing, sales and HR.

What is a widget?

The term widget is mostly used for small desktop applications that perform simple and common tasks and give quick access to frequently requested information. Widgets can be enabled or disabled by a user to complement or shape an existing user interface. Examples of these types of widgets are a small calendar and a newsfeed reader. Graphical control elements (GUI widgets) are reusable modular components that developers combine to build more complex applications.

What are PIS?

Payment Initiation Services (PIS) allow regulated payment initiation service providers (PISPs) to initiate a transfer of funds to third parties online with the account holder’s specific consent and authentication. These payment initiation services have to meet specific requirements to ensure the security of those account holders. Payment initiation services are an alternative to paying online with a credit card or debit card.

What are SDK’s?

A software development kit or SDK is a set of development tools for a particular application, framework or hardware platform in one installable package. SDKs are provided online by suppliers and allow developers to devise, design and develop applications. SDKs usually contain a graphical tool, editor, compiler and linker. Documentation with guidelines for applications to be developed is often included. Developers use SDKs to create applications with advanced functionalities, such as adverts and push notifications.

What is a PISP or PSP?

Payment Initiation Service Providers or Payment Service Providers offer businesses an online solution for receiving electronic payments. This is usually based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that connects a company’s website with the online banking platform of the payer’s bank in order to initiate and complete a credit transfer. The service can accommodate multiple payment methods, such as credit card, bank-based payments (direct debit) and real-time online bank transfers by connecting to multiple bank, card and payment networks. The Payment Initiation Service Provider generally handles the electronic connections and the relationships with the external network and the bank accounts.

What KBC APIs are available?

A complete overview of the KBC APIs is available here.

When do I need credit mediation status or insurance mediation status?

If integration solutions require credit mediation status or insurance mediation status, this is mentioned in the KBC Partner Requirements section of the description page.

Are KBC APIs secure?

As a bank and insurance company, KBC sees security as an absolute priority. The development of the API portal, the sandbox and the APIs themselves therefore meet all the latest security standards.

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