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New functionalities (please note that the Adapted Swagger and Sandbox will soon be available)

The following functionalities will be implemented:

  • Post Recurring Payments
  • Get Recurring Payments Status
  • Post Bulk Payments
  • Get Bulk Payments Status


Changes in API gateway URL

The company will be a variable in the URL. The swagger has been adapted as follows:


  - URL: https://psd2.api.{company}.be/psd2/v2

    description: 'KBC/CBC/KBC Brussels PSD2 API server'



        default: 'kbc'


          - 'kbc'

          - 'cbc'

          - 'kbcbrussels'

Note: the current URL will become obsolete on 1 April 2021.

Account Selectable

The customer account will be made ‘not mandatory’ in the:

  • AIS consent flow
  • Payment initiation flow (Single and recurring payments)

We’ll provide a slide in screen at our end to enable the customer to choose the account. For the AIS consent flow, you’ll be provided with a single consent ID for all the chosen accounts. The token subsequently generated will also be valid for all these accounts.


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