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Open banking and insurance
Trends and innovation

In the dark about APIs and the rest? No problem!

There are various ways to integrate a partner's service or product. They all have their benefits and drawbacks as well as certain consequences when it comes to performing essential maintenance, dealing with data management...

Open banking and insurance

How can you make smart use of QR codes?

Anyone who knows even a little about me is well aware that QR codes can make me see red. Why? Because until recently, I kept encountering applications that were downright idiotic. Fortunately, there are also some examples...

Trends and innovation

How can you get more out of your data?

In the video series ‘Data everywhere’, Jo and Jens take you on a journey through the world of data. Today, they're going to tell you how to use your data to generate more leads and revenue for your business. 

Open banking and insurance

The Present & Future of Banking APIs

It pays off to cater to both technical and business audiences, claims Katrien Van Gijsel (Business Innovation Manager, KBC Bank & Verzekering). In this episode of API Resilience, Katrien explains how the democratization of...

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