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In the form on the KBC website, he will have to enter the following information in the Partner Hub:

- First name

- Last name

- Phone number

- Email address

- Company name

- Company number

In the next step, the merchant will be able to identify through Itsme®.
The merchant will be redirected to the it’s me portal where he/she can enter the phone number he/she previously used. The merchant can then identify himself/herself using their phone where they have received an it's me notification to prove the identity of the user.
If this is successful, the it’s me portal will be redirected to the KBC-website and the identification of the merchant is done.

If everything is in order and there are no issues, said merchant will become a prospect partner and will be able to create a deal. This deal will not be live yet. First there is a screening and the contract has to be created. The merchant then receives the contract and can sign it. After this process there is a manual upgrade so the prospect partner becomes a full partner and the deal created by the merchant goes live and can be used through the KBC app.

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