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Flexible instant payments for online customers

When customers click on the KBC Payment Button on a webstore, they get an easy, flexible customer experienceThe button works on any device. In addition, it is free to anyone who uses it. For payments of 50 to 1,250 euros, customers can even buy now and pay later based on their risk profile. In other words, they can delay their payment by up to 2 months at no cost. Payment will happen automatically at the right time. The beneficiary account of a transaction made with the button must be a KBC Business account. 

Merchants will receive all their payments instantlyKBC will simply advance any postponed payments to them. Those payments are guaranteed and final. KBC bears the collection risk, so the merchant gets great payment transparency! And thanks to KBC’s advanced security systems, all parties enjoy very secure exchanges of payment information. All the merchant will need to focus on is getting the orders out on time.

The KBC website also offers further details on the KBC Payment Button.

Who can offer the KBC Payment Button?

The button gives online merchants the chance to offer easy instant payments to KBC customers on their usual platformsLarger online merchants can implement the solution directly. Payment Service Providers (PSPs) can offer the solution to their merchant base as a technical provider or as a collecting partner. Merchants using a PSP payment page can benefit from the implementation offered by their PSP.

How does this solution work?

Once the button appears on a webstore, the process is clear:

Step 1

Firstly, the customer clicks on the KBC Payment Button of the webstore to pay for a purchase.

Step 2

Secondly, the pre-filled transfer form appears in the familiar KBC online app. All payment details are in read-only fields. The customer reads and then signs the form electronically to make the payment.

Step 3

Thirdly, the customer receives a payment confirmation.

Step 4

The payment then goes ahead immediately, so the amount appears instantly in the relevant KBC Business Account.

A low pay-per-use rate

The KBC Payment Button is completely free to customers. Transactions with the button cost the provider only 1% of the payment amount. More specifically, each transaction will be subject to a minimum charge of 0.20 euros and a maximum charge of 5 euros.

The merchant receives a monthly invoice for the charges. There is no net settlement. 

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KBC partner requirements

Online merchants using the KBC Payment Button on their webstore need to sign the KBC acceptance policy, a non-disclosure agreement and the KBC data security requirements. They also have to agree to the applicable charges. 

KBC partners must use the KBC logo correctly. PSPs have to keep KBC informed on which online merchants they are offering the KBC Payment Button service to.

Integrate this solution

If you are a merchant that is already using a PSP-hosted payment page, your PSP may already have the KBC Payment Button available for you. In that case, contact your PSP to have the button activated on your payment page. Depending on the PSP's setup, you may first need to sign a KBC Payment Button agreement with KBC.

If you are a PSP, you can offer the button to your merchant base as an acceptance solution that is useful to both technical providers and collecting partners.

If you are a larger online merchant, you may prefer to integrate the button into your platform yourself.

To explore your options, contact your KBC account manager or send an email to

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KBC Payment Button


The KBC Payment Button can be added to payment pages for flexible instant payments from any device. Online customers can even buy now and pay later, although the merchant received all payments immediately.

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