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Many businesses have already partnered with KBC to boost their sales. 

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These solutions do not involve any additional costs. 

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Why choose to work with KBC? 

Do you want to improve your customer experience by also offering a KBC product or service? 

Get inspiration from our solutions and improve your own sales process with a KBC partnership.

How can we work together? 

Your requirements and the possibilities determine how we offer our products and services: 

You integrate an API or widget into your own platform or place a QR code on advertising material (flyers)

When you integrate an API or widget into your own platform, your customers can quickly and easily register a simulation or application for a KBC product in your online sales process.  

You can also provide flyers in your business premises that contain information about the KBC Instalment Loan. After scanning the QR code on the flyer, the customer can submit a loan application to KBC right away in the shop or later at home. 

You use the KBC Partner Hub

The KBC Partner Hub is a handy online tool that you and your customers can use together in your business premises to register simulations or submit applications for KBC products.


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When you’ve decided on how you want to work with KBC, select the appropriate button below and fill in your details. Once you’ve registered, you can get started. 

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Integration into your own platform by your ICT department or by your technical partner. Use of a QR code on a flyer. 

Register for integration 

Technical documentation


You want to use the KBC Partner Hub, an online tool that does not require any integration. 

Register for Partner Hub 

Technical documentation

Integration of Joyn, the KBC Payment Button and Payconiq 

These are integrated through a registration process at 


PSD2 integrations 

Your company must have the necessary approvals for PSD2 integrations. 

If you wish to use PSD2 integrations, please contact us. 



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