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Take your business to the next level 

KBC offers solutions that help you develop, innovate and grow your business, enabling you to improve your customer experience and generate additional income. 

To facilitate this, you can use either one of our solutions with technical integration (link naar ‘integrations’) or a standalone online tool, the KBC Partner Hub, which we make available to you. This tool doesn’t require any technical implementation, which means you can quickly and easily start using it. 

As a partner, you can use this tool to gain ready access to a number of KBC processes, including ones for running loan simulations and initiating loan applications with your customer. You and the customer look at the possibilities together during the sales conversation. 


The KBC Partner Hub as a handy tool during your sales conversation 

As a partner, you can use the KBC Partner Hub to offer the following KBC products to your customers: 

  • KBC Instalment Loan: if you are a partner and have intermediary status, you can sit down with your customer and run a simulation for a KBC Instalment Loan in the KBC Partner Hub. After running it, you can either forward the simulation to the customer, who then applies for the loan at KBC, or use the tool to complete the loan application together with your customer before submitting it to KBC. 
  • B2B Asset Financing: during your sales conversation, you and the customer run a simulation in the KBC Partner Hub for leasing, renting and/or investment credit. You forward this simulation to your customer, who can then start the actual application for finance at KBC. 
  • Home loan: If you have the status of an intermediary, you can easily create a personalised simulation for your customer's home loan. This way, your customer will immediately know how much they can borrow and what their monthly repayment will be. Next, you send that simulation to your customer, who can then easily start the effective loan application digitally with the help of our KBC Live staff.

Other solutions will be added to the KBC Partner Hub in due course. 

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