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Open Banking, so much more than PSD2

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KBC Employee Mobility

KBC Employee Mobility


Employers can have the KBC Employee Mobility APIs included in their own HR tool to offer car and bike leasing as part of their pay...

A custom KBC Home Loan Simulation

KBC Home Loan Simulation


Users can make a custom KBC Home Loan Simulation on a website, platform or app to gain instant insight into their capacity to buy a...

KBC On-Demand Financing

KBC On-Demand Financing

Financial management

Billing or ERP software firms can offer KBC On-Demand Financing to merchants to ensure that all the sales invoices they select are paid immediately.



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PSD2 modifications

Modifications to PSD2 Services offered by KBC

As of the 25 October, the following modifications will be implemented to our PSD2 Services


  • Deletion of the general 'share info with third parties’ activation/deactivation button.

Account Information...

Katrien VG

The Present & Future of Banking APIs

It pays off to cater to both technical and business audiences, claims Katrien Van Gijsel (Business Innovation Manager, KBC Bank & Verzekering). In this episode of API Resilience, Katrien explains how the democratization of...

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