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Quick and easy financing for business clients

KBC offers flexible asset financing to B2B merchants. This may involve leasing, renting or investment credit. Clients can access this service directly to get a personal financing proposal by email. They can then apply online without any fuss or admin. Subsequently, KBC will let them know whether their financing has been approved within 24 hours.

Merchants and software firms can offer this service as a marketing tool in order to boost their sales. For instance, they can offer their clients personal quotes. Moreover, the merchants and software firms do not assume any credit risk themselves.

Who can offer KBC B2B Asset Financing?

The API can be included into the services of all business-to-business merchants

How does this solution work?

The KBC B2B Asset Financing API is available from end 2020.

Step 1

Firstly, the merchant can use its own sales or CRM system to enter the required details, for instance the company number of the client and the type of activity. The merchant also provides certain details on the product sold. 

Step 2

KBC then automatically generates a personal, smart financing offer based on the client and the asset type.

Step 3

Subsequently, the merchant sends the interested client’s contact details to KBC. It can use the API interface in its own sales or CRM system to do this.

Step 4

KBC then sends an email to the client. This email contains an encrypted link leading to the financing proposal.

Step 5

After that, the client applies for B2B Asset Financing online via a KBC channel.

Step 6

KBC then registers the application. Within 24 hours, it also informs the client whether the credit facility has been approved.

Free of charge

Usage of the KBC B2B Asset Financing API is free. Get in touch for further information.

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KBC partner requirements

KBC uses a checklist to assess merchants and software firms interested in the KBC B2B Asset Financing API.

The selected partner signs a Partnership Agreement. This agreement describes the partnership's scope and operating model. Our FAQ section offers further details on the Partnership Agreement.

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