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To start using the KBC production environment (API's), you need to identify your company with a qualified certificate. Here is the step-by-step guide to get access to our APIs. (To access our PSD2 APIs no registration is needed).

Step 1:  You need to register before you can use the KBC APIs. The email address passed during developer registration will be linked to your company registration.  KBC will then send a framework agreement to this email address.  For this reason it is obliged to register with a company email address.  

Step 2:  You will receive an email from informing you how to activate your account. 

Step 3:  You need to activate your account on the KBC Developer Portal. 

Step 4:  After registering your company you can ask for the wanted KBC integrations. If you choose for the Partner Hub integrations, all is done in one form.

The process is also explained as you register. Follow the steps described on the screen.


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