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Jo Deferm
Jo Deferm

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Jens De Meester
Jens De Meester


In the 'Data everywhere' video series, Jo and Jens take viewers on a journey through the world of data. Three topics are covered in today's video: data in football, the ever-evolving role of marketeers and entrepreneurs, and a spotlight on Belgian company Realto, an API marketplace for energy data.

 Video : only available in Dutch

The influence of data on football 

From time to time, a coach will say: "A referee in another country wouldn't have blown the whistle for that." UEFA is now working to remedy this using data. The organisation has developed a tool called 'Perception 4 Perfection', which allows UEFA referees from more than 60 countries to watch and analyse film clips containing decisions made by fellow referees. This will pave the way for better oversight in matters of arbitration and will boost the number of correct decisions by 23%. It is clear that data is playing an increasingly key role in football, with goal-line technology and VAR being just two major examples. 

Marketeers and entrepreneurs: a data evolution 

Marketeers are spoiled for choice by the number of marketing tools that hit the market each day. They are expected to know and use these tools. More than that, they are expected to be able to interpret the generated data and use it. In other words, a marketeer has to have both a creative and an analytical mind. The focus is no longer on creating a single punchline; it is about shining the spotlight on multiple creatives. In doing so, employers are able to test these creative minds along with their impact on the market. A call to all entrepreneurs: get your knowledge of these marketing tools and how to interpret data up to speed – you can take advantage of both for your own website or web store. 

Realto: a Belgian API marketplace for energy data 

Each episode in this video series focuses on a specific Belgian startup or scale-up. This time around, it's Realto under the spotlight. The company has combined various APIs to create a single marketplace and, in doing so, brought data providers and API operators into contact with consumers. This exchange allows data generated by an energy provider to be processed as part of your own product. This is important, as there is an increasing demand for data that can pave the way for renewable energies to be offered to private individuals. By incorporating energy data into the process, it is possible to keep the price and cost of renewable energy low. 


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