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Katrien Van Gijsel

Business Innovation Manager KBC

Our Business Innovation Manager Katrien Van Gijsel explains why KBC is launching a Developer Portal. Find out all about it in this video.  

Only available in Dutch.


Launching a Developer Portal 

KBC wants to provide its customers with the right product at the ideal time. This is why, for example, the smartphone app KBC Mobile is now packed with additional services, like an option that enables users to buy a train or bus ticket. KBC also provides the right services at the perfect time. 

It is also important to integrate products and services into the portfolios of partners – such as being able to buy a bicycle from a bike retailer but also having the option to take out a loan for that bicycle, or entrepreneurs being able to immediately settle invoices in a CRM system. 

As a partner, you need to be able to access these services digitally via a platform that allows you to acquire these services digitally in order to integrate them into your own channel. 

This is why KBC has created a Developer Portal. This portal contains all information required by technical developers to ensure technical integration. Business developers can also use it as inspiration for use cases. 


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Would you like to know more about our integration options?

You will find an overview of the various business solutions and technical integrations on the KBC Developer Portal.

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