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Partner Hub
B2B Asset Financing

KBC B2B Asset Financing – KBC Partner Hub

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Merchants can offer KBC B2B Asset Financing in order to improve the customer satisfaction of their clients.

Partner Hub
Business Accounts Icon

KBC Business Account – KBC Partner Hub


With the KBC Partner Hub, the business service provider can offer a KBC Business account to new and existing companies, in order to improve the customer satisfaction of these clients.

Partner Hub
home loan

KBC Home Loans - KBC Partner Hub

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Our Partner Hub allows you to easily show your customers at a glance whether their dream home is within their budget. A win-win situation for everybody involved.

Partner Hub
Installment loan

KBC Instalment Loan – KBC Partner Hub

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With the KBC Partner Hub, the merchant can offer a KBC Instalment Loan to his customers in his store. By offering this service, the customer experience and sales improve significantly.

Partner Hub
SVSPSS image

Social VSPSS - KBC Partner Hub


Give your clients accurate tax advice on social voluntary supplementary pension schemes for the self-employed (KBC Life Pension Plan – Social VSPSS) in our Partner Hub.

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