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Katrien Van Gijsel

Business Innovation Manager KBC

It's a good idea to keep stricter environmental requirements in mind 

The Flemish government has introduced stricter energy requirements for rental properties. Starting 1 January 2020, they have to meet two energy requirements with regard to insulation. 



All landlords are expected to comply with these requirements. Not up to scratch? Then it's time to invest. It is also important to understand that the rules apply even if you are leasing the premises through your company. 

te huur The property has to meet these conditions  

  • Roof insulation: all roofs have to be insulated with an insulation layer that is 3 to 4 centimetres thick, depending on the material you use. The insulation layer has to have a thermal resistance (R) rating of at least 0.75 m²K/W (Kelvin per Watt). Attic floor insulation is sufficient for an unheated and uninhabited attic. Alternatively, you can install ceiling insulation across the entire ceiling (with the same thermal insulation rating).  
  • Double glazing: all windows attached to living spaces have to have double glazing. In other words, this rule does not apply to halls and corridors. 


What if the property fails to meet the energy requirements? 

There is a chance that a property inspector will pay you a visit to check that the property meets the Flemish standards. If it fails to meet these standards, it will incur penalty points. Be aware that if you amass 15 penalty points, you run the risk of your property being declared unfit for habitation, meaning you will no longer be able to lease it – so make sure to take care of this work in good time. 

Here's another point to consider: as of this year, all rental apartments and properties have to be fitted with at least one smoke detector per floor along the evacuation route to the exit. Make sure they are indeed installed – after all, smoke detectors save lives. 

Smart renovations with the KBC Energy Scan 

Not sure if your rental property meets all the requirements? Interested in renovating your property to ensure it is up to standard? We can assist you with tailored advice from A to Z. KBC can also help you with an Energy Scan of the property. 

te huur2 The Flemish government wants to ensure that every existing residence is almost as energy efficient as a newbuild by 2050. 

Want to know more about how to renovate your property? 

Read all about it here




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