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Clo Willaerts
Clo Willaerts

Program Manager in Postgraduate Digital Business at Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp

In this episode from the ‘Business Boost’ series, Clo explains all about application programming interfaces, or APIs. These interfaces, which can be integrated into various systems, offer significant added value to company websites. Find out what APIs are, how to use them and all the advantages they offer in this video. 

Only available in Dutch.

What are APIs? 

APIs are interfaces that can be integrated into a website. They allow you to add functions to your website without having to spend a lot of time and effort doing so, because you are effectively taking out-of-the-box functions from software located elsewhere. In essence, you are building a bridge between your software and that of another company. You can use that bridge to exchange data. The customer does not have to change their environment and will not notice anything providing your service has been integrated seamlessly into the rest of the platform. There are other integration options aside from APIs. 

How can you use APIs? 

APIs provide customers with a greater range of products and services. Businesses share certain functions with each other, e.g. the Uber app integrating Google Maps. Watch the video featuring Clo for answers to all your API questions. 


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