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Jo Deferm
Jo Deferm

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Jens De Meester
Jens De Meester


In the video series 'Data everywhere', Jo and Jens guide us through the wonderful world of data. The topics covered today are:   

• Targeted advertising on Facebook 
• Did Liverpool FC triumph in the Premier League because of data? 
• Consolidating data in the hotel & cateringindustry 
• Combining data and Spotify 


Only available in Dutch.


Targeted advertising on Facebook 

 Advertising on Facebook through targeted data use: how do you do it? You start by entering the email addresses from your customer base on Facebook. The system then looks for a match between those email addresses and specific profiles. From this, you can identify the characteristics and areas of interest that these customers have. 

You can then have Facebook create a Lookalike Audience. You use an algorithm as the basis for creating a specific target group of clients that your company is currently unfamiliar with but is interested in targeting. 

Did Liverpool FC become Premier League champions because of data? 

There are entire football pitches' worth of unstructured data in soccer. When a football club analyses this data, they can use the results to improve their game plan and gain a competitive advantage. This is exactly what Liverpool Football Club did in England – 
but this approach isn't exclusive to top-level teams. Digital Scouting, a Belgian startup, is doing the same at provincial level by viewing videos, incorporating various actions and analysing it all. 

Centralising data in the hotel & catering industry 

Now more than ever, the hotel & catering industry is a delivery business
Customers often place their orders via order platforms such as or Deliveroo, with their data being stored across these various systems as a result. For companies, it is important to be able to extract the useful information and link it to POS and accounting management systems – centralising the data is of the essence. This is where the Ghent-based scale-up Deliverect comes in. It consolidates the data from all order platforms within a single centralised tool, then links it to the various POS systems. 

Combining data and Spotify 

Spotify is sitting on a data goldmine. It knows exactly who is listening to certain artists – as well as where and when. The company uses this data to provide customers with an excellent experience, one example being the regular recommendations you receive about artists who are new to you. 

The sheer volume of users and the lessons learned enable Spotify to predict which music you will enjoy with a high degree of accuracy. This is also of great benefit to artists, as they can see where their listeners are located and how often these listeners play their music. 


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