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Jo Deferm
Jo Deferm

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Jens De Meester
Jens De Meester


In the video series ‘Data everywhere’, Jo and Jens take you on a journey through the world of data. Today, they're looking at how you can use data to get more people to read your posts on social media. 

Only available in Dutch.

Posts on social media 

Want to know how to get the most out of your posts on social media? For LinkedIn, we recommend posting in the morning, as people tend to use the platform during work hours. Facebook, on the other hand, is used more frequently in the hours outside of work. All platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln etc. – have a page containing insights and/or analytics. This is the data that shows you when your audience – your followers – are online most and at what time certain posts had the most impact. While this puts a lot of data at your fingertips, the best way to learn is to test things out. 

Data in the world of elite sports 

Google Cloud partnered up with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Together, they have analysed historical data recorded from thousands of basketball matches with the aim of making predictions. Google Cloud and the Golden State Warriors have worked together to devise the best strategy based on data. The results are a success: the Golden State Warriors have been NBA champions multiple times since. 

Data on the stock exchange 

Data is becoming more influential on the stock exchange. KBC recently unveiled an AI fund to the world that is managed based on artificial intelligence. Decisions are no longer taken by people, but by computers. Although human beings are still pulling the strings behind the scenes, their role is that of a supervisor. They intervene only if necessary. The idea is to rely on the algorithm to make the right choices rather than people having to do so. 

Storing data 

We store data in giant data centres that are full of servers. These centres are set up in places where there is a minimal risk of the site encountering any problems. The Citadel, the largest data centre in the world, is located in the desert in Nevada, where solar energy is used to cool the hardware inside the centre. Other data centres are found in locations where it is very cold. With its generally poor weather, Belgium is a good site for a data centre. The challenge associated with data centres is to operate them in an environmentally sustainable manner. 


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