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Jo Deferm
Jo Deferm

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Jens De Meester
Jens De Meester


In the video series ‘Data everywhere’, Jo and Jens take you on a journey through the world of data. Today, they're going to tell you how to use your data to generate more leads and revenue for your business. 

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How can you use your data to create a personalised customer experience? 

E-mails are a good example of personalisation in the eCommerce environment. Address customers using their first name and/or their company name (if applicable), and your customers will feel as though they are benefitting from the personal touch . They won't feel as though they are interacting with a robot. 

We can go a step further here, too. You can also personalise your web shop and even your website. Items previously viewed by visitors can be saved in the site history. Then, when they return, the site can show them the items again – increasing the chance that they will buy them. In other words, you can use data to enhance the customer experience for web shop visitors. Collecting data leads to more business

Improving sporting performance through data 

Today, we apply the principle of marginal gains in areas such as competitive cycling. The first step is to map all the data that is available. The next step is about optimising that data by improving it by 1% across the board. 
Cycling team Jumbo Visma has conducted scientific research into the effect that wind has on the body. Based on the results, the team then adjusted its bikes and designed a special time-trial suit for the riders to wear. This would have given them a strong chance of winning their race. Unfortunately, however, time trial suits are not yet permitted to be used in cycling tours. 
The same principle applies to companies. If you can gain 1% on your ad budget, convert 1% more leads and then convert another 1% of those inbound leads into customers month after month... This is what's known as a formula for success

Cashflow overview with Biltobox 

The Belgian scale-up Unified Post was responsible for launching Billtobox, a tool that enables SMEs to optimise and automate their financial processes. How does it work? You simply scan in invoices using your smartphone and the invoices arrive in the Billtobox system
The system checks the amount and the payment term of each invoice and ensures they are automatically paid by the due date. This ensures that businesses have control of their cash flow at any time of day or night. Less paperwork, more time saved. 

Data for making self-driving cars even smarter 

Tesla, the US producer of electric cars, collects huge amounts of data, which it uses to improve the self-driving ability of its cars. They also use this data as they seek to convince policy makers that self-driving cars are indeed safe . 
Start collecting customer data today! 



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