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Charlotte Hoste
Charlotte Hoste

Business Development Manager iChoosr

With over a decade of experience in setting up group-buying schemes, iChoosr is an independent expert in human engagement. The firm has been organising group purchases for products and services considered “complex” by consumers since 2008, and works in close cooperation with partners who likewise prioritise sustainability and wish to adequately represent the interests of their client base – just like KBC. Read iChoosr’s testimonial on how its collaboration with KBC is delivering added value for its users.


A partnership that puts sustainability first

ichoosriChoosr’s services are designed to remove the need for customers to conduct their own time-consuming research regarding group-buying schemes. Instead, it delivers information tailored to the needs of the customer and ensures that quality services can be provided for a reasonable price, leaving customers with complete peace of mind. They have the option of registering on an online platform – without obligation – that puts the customer experience, user friendliness and objectivity first.

With iChoosr and KBC both having overlapping aims when it comes to building a sustainable society, the two firms entered into a partnership with one another at the end of 2019. Under this arrangement, KBC customers and individuals who are not customers can use the KBC mobile app to take part in group purchases for green electricity and gas, thus enabling them to save money on their energy bills.

The two firms took the next step in their partnership in 2021. By adding KBC’s green energy loan option to iChoosr’s group-buying scheme for solar panels, participants in the scheme can simulate and request a loan easily and without obligation on the iChoosr platform. The collaboration between iChoosr and KBC – paired with the sustainable nature of investing in solar panels – means that the interest rate can be kept exceptionally low (1.1%).


User Testimonial


Charlotte Hoste, Business Development Manager at iChoosr, explains the process in more detail:

When registering for a group-buying scheme for solar panels, participants can declare their interest in the green energy loan option. Following an auction, we provide the customer with a personal proposal, which includes the total cost.”

After integrating the KBC widget, participants can simulate the repayment amount and duration of the repayment plan straight away. Once the customer accepts the definitive offer, the loan can be requested online via KBC Mobile, KBC Touch or the KBC website.

As Hoste goes on to point out: “The customer receives support from the start of the process to the end. After the solar panels are installed on the building, the loan is activated, with the panel fitter receiving the sum corresponding to the loan. The customer will then start to make their repayments to KBC a month later.”

This successful cooperation has paved the way for further investment in making the lives of our users easier, while bringing sustainable investments one step closer.

As a result, more people have the chance to buy a solar panel installation,” concludes Hoste.


artikel IchoosrOur aim at iChoosr is to make complex matters simple and to empower people to look to the future. We help people make considered choices, and work tirelessly to improve our services – all in the interest of the users of our services. Adding KBC’s green energy loan to the customer journey for our group purchase option for solar panels is another step forward in making the lives of our customers easier.”

Charlotte Hoste, Business Development Manager, iChoosr




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