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AVANT Machinery N.V. imports and distributes wheel loaders, excavators, telescopic handlers and cherry pickers in Belgium and the Netherlands. The family-owned company has been selling, leasing and servicing these machines since 2000. Niels Raepers, Sales & Marketing Manager, offers a glimpse behind the scenes and explains how he came into contact with the Partner Hub.

“Thanks to our team of 27 experienced employees, Avant Machinery has developed into a true expert in the field of smart solutions,” explains Niels. “Our focus is specifically on the sale, leasing and servicing of new machines. Our customers come from a range of industries: from landscaping and tree surgery to cement clinker laying, swimming pool construction and stud farms. In the previous financial year, we generated revenue of more than EUR 20 million thanks to these customers.”

Niels started looking for a simple, transparent way to offer leasing services to his customers that would be competitive in terms of price. “While we did have some leasing service experience with other providers, the Partner Hub offers benefits that they do not,” states Niels. “The tool is simple to use: you enter all the information you need in no time, and send a leasing offer tailored to the customer. The simplicity and speed are what clinched it for us. Then there is the fact that our customers have told us our leasing rates are lower than the competition. Finally, our transparent cost overview – which includes handling charges – makes them more willing to try our services.”

The Partner Hub is now a key part of Avant Machinery’s sales process. “As the majority of our machines are leased, we use the Partner Hub a lot,” states Niels. “If the leasing rates match the expectations of our customers, this is clearly beneficial – and our strong cooperation with KBC definitely plays a major role in this. KBC understands that we need to work quickly when it comes to concluding commercial transactions, and their support in this arena is second to none.”

Want to find out more about the Partner Hub? Visit the KBC developer portal for more information.

For details about Avant Machinery, please go to AVANT Belgium – The most versatile wheel loaders worldwide (

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