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Press release 25th June 2019.

Very soon, established and starting entrepreneurs will be able to use of a number of new services that will make their lives easier. 

  • As of today, customers at KBC, KBC Brussels and CBC can at any time open a business account digitally for their new or established companies.
  • As of 25 June, KBC customers starting up a sole-trader business will also be able to open a business account digitally with KBC via the Xerius business counter's website.


Karin Van Hoecke, KBC's General Manager for Digital Transformation in Belgium: 'More and more individuals are opening an account digitally. At KBC, 23% of new customers choose to open an account through a digital channel. In the young adult segment (18 to 29 years of age), that figure is as high as 30% to 50%. Customers are clearly opting for a fast and very user-friendly way to open their accounts.  Bearing that in mind, we now also want to offer the same level of convenience to entrepreneurs, not just through our own channels, but also – as a first – by working closely with partners such as the Xerius business counter. As we all know, speed is of the essence to every business.'


Starting and established entrepreneurs can open a business account digitally for their companies at any time.

In the past, starting and established entrepreneurs had to be referred to their bank branch when they wanted to open an account for their company.

As of today, though, they can at any time go through a very user-friendly process in KBC (Brussels)/CBC Touch (PC and tablet) and KBC (Brussels)/CBC Mobile (smartphone) to open a business account for a newly or already established company. The customer also receives the account number right away.

The customer can get in touch with a Business Solutions Expert from KBC Live (a remote bank-insurance facility that is accessible on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to complete the remaining administration remotely and to receive further advice, if required.

The facility for opening a business account digitally in KBC Touch and KBC Mobile was already in place for existing accounts, with one in four customers using it to open their business accounts.


As of 25 June, KBC customers starting up a sole-trader business will also be able to open a business account digitally with KBC via the Xerius business counter's website.

Besides the digital option for opening business accounts through its own channels, KBC is integrating its application process into a third party's, i.e. the Xerius business counter.


Franky Haesevoets Managing Director at Xerius: "In this way, Xerius, together with strong partners, ensures that starting up your own business becomes even easier. As a partner of the self-employed, Xerius responds to the need for fast handling of administrative formalities so that the self-employed person can focus on what really matters is his business, his passion".

When a KBC customer registers their sole-trader business through Xerius, they are also given the immediate option of opening a business account digitally at KBC. When this account is activated right away, KBC will automatically link the KBC account number to Xerius, which ensures that the account number is included in the request to register the sole-trader business in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises database. This significantly speeds up the application for the company number, which also means that the entrepreneur can start doing business more quickly.

In the autumn, (self-employed) starters who are not KBC customers will also be able to open a business account in the same way (via Xerius) at CBC and KBC Brussels. 


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