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Offer a KBC Business account to your clients

Business service providers – such as accredited business advice centres, accounting offices and pre-starter platforms  can offer their clients a KBC Business account online to significantly improve their own customer experience. Most businesses opening their KBC account online receive their new account number instantly. In cases where the account can’t be opened immediately, the business is informed as soon as the new account has been created – no manual follow-up required. 

A business bank account is also an essential requirement for registering any new company.  Accredited business advice centres help entrepreneurs meet all the official obligations for new companies. They can offer a new KBC Business account as a fully integrated step in an uninterrupted, online end-to-end flow for starting a new business. This makes the process of setting up a Belgian business far quicker and easier.

For further information, visit the business solution page for the KBC Business account.


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