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Efficient transport for employees

The war for talent is real, so keeping workers happy is vital. At the moment, employees tend to prefer flexible salary packages and want to be in control of their own salary content. 

  • 25% of workers say they would like to exchange gross salary for a mobility option of their choice 

Cafeteria plan tools run by service providers such as HR consultants, social secretariats and accountants are one way of catering for this need.  

However, KBC is going a step further by integrating the service provider's cafeteria plan tool and KBC Autolease's MoveSmart tool. This integration already offers car and bike leasing, but will soon also provide combined transport options, public transport solutions and the use of mobility budgets.  

This offers many benefits:  

  • Employees go through a single process in their trusted HR tool and KBC MoveSmart, which makes it far easier for them to simulate and order their transport option, such as a car or a bike, in exchange for an appropriate amount of salary.  
  • Employers can greatly reduce their admin by linking their HR tool with KBC MoveSmart.  
  • Service providers can add value to their HR tool by offering their clients a quality bike and car leasing product thanks to a user-friendly digital service.

KBC is a strong, reliable brand with an excellent reputation. It has received a string of awards for its products and services. Merchant partners get a dedicated account manager, who monitors the partnership and keeps optimising the operations. Clients also get extensive support from KBC Live from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.


Who can offer KBC Employee Mobility?

The Employee Mobility APIs are an attractive option for payroll providers, HR consultants, accountants and accountancy software firms.  

Payroll providers can be more competitive by offering their clients this extra service in the war for talent. The APIs also enable them to put into practice the transport policy advice that they are already giving their clients.  

HR consultants who are already offering an HR tool to their clients can now include a combined transport solution thanks to these APIs.  

Accountants who advise their clients on how to optimise their payroll policy can use the APIs to add a wide range of employee transport options.

How does this solution work?



The APIs link the HR tool and KBC MoveSmart, which means that employees can easily generate leasing quotes, calculate the impact of certain cars or bikes on their salary, and place their orders.


  1. The employee opens the HR tool of the payroll provider, HR consultant or accountant, and gives consent to share data with KBC MoveSmart.
  2. The first API then asks the employee to authorise the sharing of data from the HR tool. After that, the employee can directly log in to KBC MoveSmart, without having to enter any credentials. An API takes the data from the HR tool and creates a profile in KBC MoveSmart. 
  3. Next, the second API asks the employee to configure the planned mobility solution and sends the result back to the HR tool. 
  4. The HR tool then shows the impact on the employee’s salary.
  5. After the fleet manager or HR manager has given their approval, the third API allows the employee to lease a car or bike or order a combined transport solution in the HR tool.

Details of the integration

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    The extensive and innovative interface we’ve set up between the KPMG Flex Reward & Mobility tool and KBC MoveSmart makes it so much easier for people using the KPMG tool to choose a bicycle or car. The automatic interface also greatly simplifies things for HR. 

    The collaborative relationship between ourselves and KBC has been an enjoyable and successful one. 

    Olivier Vanneste - Head of People Services at KPMG Belgium




    We like to focus on automation and digitalisation. Integrating the KBC MoveSmart API into our cafeteria plan tool significantly improves the efficiency of ordering our lease bikes.

    Sammy Aerts, Teamleader Payroll Cegeka



    Free of charge

    Usage of the KBC Employee Mobility API is free. Get in touch for further information.

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