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Offer a KBC Instalment Loan online

Instalment loans give people the chance to make the purchases they need or want without tapping into their savings. Merchants can help their customers to come to a decision by integrating a KBC Instalment Loan API into their webstore.

The merchant website instantly shows KBC’s  favourable loan conditions. Customers immediately see how they can spread their investment over time. They can simulate the fixed monthly instalments based on the borrowed amount. This makes them more likely to invest in their purchase sooner. They may even invest that little bit extra to make significant long-term savings. The direct availability of credit may also attract new customers who would otherwise not consider such a purchase. The quote, order and payment are all arranged at the same time thanks to digitally supported straight-through processing.

For further information, visit the business solution pages for a KBC Bicycle Loan, Green Energy Loan, Renovation Loan or Multi-Purpose Loan.


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